At the University of Redlands, we are looking for talented young leaders who want to bring our program to the top of the SCIAC.  We value academic success, work ethic, leadership, and a passion for learning.  Our team strives for excellence both on and off the court.  Thank you for your interest in our program!

How to get recruited by Bulldog Volleyball:

  1. Fill out the Recruiting Questionnaire

  2. Email Coach Lisa, including:

    1. High school and club schedule.

    2. Link to your video.  We prefer to have unedited game film from a stationary camera on the end-line.  We don’t need fancy highlight reels with special effects.  A simple iPad video is great.

  3. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  4. Send us updates on your season.  We love hearing from our prospective student-athletes!

Go Bulldogs!