Faculty Athletics Representatives

The Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) works to promote a positive balance between academics, athletics, and other aspects of the lives of University of Redlands student-athletes.  The FAR is appointed by the President and collaborates with the Director of Athletics, Athletics administration and staff, coaches, student-athletes, faculty, and other staff and administrators across campus to ensure student-athlete success.  The FAR convenes the Faculty Athletics Committee, which includes additional faculty members (also called FARs) and representatives from the Athletics Department.

FARs are available as a confidential resource to student-athletes for information, support, and counseling regarding any issues or concerns they have about life at the University.  FARs encourage student-athletes to communicate early and often with faculty regarding the interplay of academic and athletic schedules.  When academic-athletic schedule conflicts cannot be worked out between a student-athlete and their professor, a FAR can facilitate communication towards a solution. The FARs visit meetings of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and are available to help that group with its work fostering student-athlete well-being.  FARs write letters of recommendation/nomination for student-athletes for post-graduate honors and scholarships, and for graduate school applications.

Meet our FARs:
  • Wendy McIntyre - Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies, professor, and loves fly fishing
  • Scott Randolph - Historian by training, Business professor, and railroad enthusiast
  • Liesder Mayea Rodriguez - Associate Professor of Spanish, Modern Literature and Languages